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    Clinic Notes

    Doctor SoulenMichael C. Soulen, MD, FSIR, FCIRSE, Professor of Radiology & Surgery, Abramson Cancer Center, University of Pennsylvania, Chairman, WCIO, serves as the Clinic Notes blogger.


    Why was this Society established? 

    We have been around as WCIO for more than 10 years and the meetings continued growth and interest, the ongoing support from our industry partners, the creation of IO University--an online IO curriculum-- and the growth of the field of Intervnentional Oncology prompted the board to establish SIO.  

    What is the mission of the Society? 

    SIO will serve as the only membership-based organization dedicated wholly to the emerging field of IO, working to further promote the mission originally put forth by WCIO--to establish, nurture, and support Interventional Oncology (IO) as the fourth pillar of cancer therapy alongside medical, surgical, and radiation oncology worldwide. 

    Who will the Society serve? 

    We serve interventional radiologists who specialize in oncology (interventional oncologists), PhD level scientists, other related medical professionals (nurses, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners), research assistants, health specialists who support IO, medical fellows, residents and students.  

    What is the projected membership? 

    This is difficult to predict, but our annual meeting, WCIO, has more than 700 attendees each year and it continues to grow.  We are hopeful most of the attendees will see the value and join.

    What is the relationship of SIO to SIR and CIRSE?  

    SIO is a stand- alone society but there have been conversations with the leadership of SIR and CIRSE. The entire SIO leadership are members of SIR and CIRSE and the goals of SIO are to preserve and enhance interventional radiologists as the leaders of Interventional Oncology. We will encourage all IRs to continue their memberships and involvement  in SIR and CIRSE.


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