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    Singapore Meets WCIO: Where East Meets West
    By Alexis Kelekis, MD, Chair, WCIO International Education Committee 

    Following a long-standing tradition, the community of Interventional Oncology welcomes the Singapore Congress of Radiology and is ready to participate, exchange ideas and communicate scientific data in order to promote and expand the concept of Interventional Oncology.

    Our session on “Singapore meets WCIO” this year, will focus on Oncologic Embolization and will show all the recent development in this field, not only in treatment, but also in Oncologic Management of patients from the IO perspective. Abstract submissions are welcomed and will allow centers to show their cutting edge research and practice in diagnosis and treatment. There is a multitude of sessions dedicated to Interventional Oncology which covers all spectrums, from liver embolization to MSK treatments, including vascular and non-vascular treatments. The presentations will cover both therapeutic and palliative therapies.

    Eminent colleagues will converge to the busy hub of Singapore from all over the world to understand and share the way patients are being diagnosed and treated. This meeting provides information both for the novice, and the advanced practitioner and covers all areas of Imaging.

    In this extraordinary conference, which I look forward to, doctors from East and West will share treatment philosophies, thus allowing the free exchange of concepts and ideas. Singapore, a crossroads of two worlds, is a commercial center where people from different cultures converge and communicate. The meeting in Singapore is not only an intellectual scientific challenge, but also a cultural challenge, allowing the East to meet the West.

    Learn more about the conference on the SGCR/WIRES 2016 website.

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