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    Clinic Notes

    Doctor SoulenMichael C. Soulen, MD, FSIR, FCIRSE, Professor of Radiology & Surgery, Abramson Cancer Center, University of Pennsylvania, Chairman, WCIO, serves as the Clinic Notes blogger.

    SIO Board of Directors

    Stephen Solomon

    Stephen Solomon, MD, President

    William Rilling

    William Rilling, MD, Vice President

    Jeff Geschwind

    Jeff H. Geschwind, MD, Past President

    Riad Salem

    Riad Salem, MD, MBA Treasurer

    Alban Denys

    Alban Denys, MD, Director-at-Large

    Nahum Goldberg

    Nahum Goldberg, MD, Director-at-Large

    Alexis Kelekis

    Alexis Kelekis, MD, Director-at-Large

    Kevin Kim

    Kevin Kim, MD, Director-at-Large

    Costantinos Sofocleous

    Costantinos Sofocleous, MD, Director-at-Large


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