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    SIO Meets

    In an effort to further the goals of Interventional Oncology worldwide, SIO Meets is a program that plans a session within an existing conference. SIO works with the conference organizer to develop this particular session's topic ideas and speaker suggestions. A representative from the SIO International Committee works with the organizer to provide the speakers for the SIO Meets session. Additionally SIO will promote the meeting in its calendar of events and highlight the session/meeting our monthly membersnewsletter, IO Insights.

    If you are interested in collaborating with SIO create a session within your existing conference, you may contact


    SIO Around the World in 2016:

    Singapore Meets SIO
    Singapore Congress of Radiology    

    Dates: February 19-21, 2016        
    Location:  Academia, Singapore
    Website: SGCR 2016

    SIO Expert Speakers:

    Alexis D. Kelekis, MD

    David C. Madoff, MD

    Jeff Geschwind, MD

    Thierry de Baere, MD

    Read more on SIO Meets Singapore: Where East Meets West.

    Asian-Pacific Congress of Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology 

    Dates: April 21-24, 2016               
    Location:   Suzhou, China
    Website: APCCVIR 2016

    SIO Expert Speakers:

    Alexis D. Kelekis, MD

    Michael Soulen, MD

    Robert Lewandowski, MD



    ACTA Meets SIO
    Asian Conference on Tumor Ablation     

    Dates:  October 28-29, 2016         
    Location:   Seoul, Korea  
    Website: ACTA 2016

    SIO Expert Speakers:

    David Lu, MD

     Kevin Kim, MD

     Nahum Goldberg, MD


    CCMA Meets SIO
    China Conference on Microwave Ablation  

    Dates:  December 9-11, 2016        
    Location:   Nanjing, China
    Website: CCMA 2016

    SIO Expert Speakers:

    Alexis D. Kelekis, MD

    Dimitrios Filippiadis, MD, PhD, MSc

    Francois Cornelis

    Sean Tutton, MD, FSIR



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